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Why launching my FIRST ever online course within 3 weeks was one the best things I’ve done ⤵️

Did you know that in 2020, I came up with the idea of, marketed and launched my FIRST ever online program within 3 WEEKS

It was called the Journey of Potential and ran for 8 weeks with a group of people who wanted to level up their mindset and achieve their goals

It wasn’t perfect (Is it ever?), but was still a huge growth experience for everyone involved

Client results were fantastic (Someone launched a podcast, another ran their first marathon, one hit a 56 day streak of daily meditation, as well as manyyyy other mindset/emotional wins)

I made $5200 from the launch working from HOME for the first time, proving to myself of what was possible

I gained so much confidence and experience that my next online course 3 months later could be 10x better again

Would these clients have had the opportunity to grow if I’d still been in my head about making it ‘good enough’?

Would my second online course have been nearly as impactful as it was if I had instead spent 3 months simply planning in theory how it should go?

Would I now be up to over 20 rounds of live online group experiences + events + retreats if I had ‘waited till it was good enough’ to launch the first time? (Aka, waiting forever)

The point is, if we are only willing to fail small and slow, we will only ever succeed small and slow

But if we want to succeed fast, big and create more impact, we need to lean into a reality of failing fast and big too

Do it! Make fast decisions. Make bold moves. Shine your light earlier rather than later. A lot of the time, everyone involved is going to be better off for it too!

When was a time you made a fast decision that lead you to where you are today? Hit reply and let me know! I’d love to hear 🙂

~ Till next time,

Trang xo