Your audience doesn’t need just inspiration and knowledge

Trang has a unique story and message to share. And she will gift it to you with empowerment and practicality for real-life change

“Everything today was mind blowing. You can hear something a million times, but it won’t stick until the right words comes along. Today, Trang gifted that to me. She is inspiring and I’m very grateful our paths have crossed
Ngoc Trang
Financial team leader
“Today was special. I have left today as a different person to the one who showed up 11 hours ago in the best way possible!”
Tash La Rosa

Hi, I’m Trang Nova

In my mid 20’s I experienced a quarter-life ‘awakening’ that led me to leave the sports industry so I could help people not just as athletes, but as human beings.

Now I’m determined to help as many people as possible step into their greatest power, thrive and lead lives of impact. I believe that when enough people are thriving, then humanity as a collective, will thrive. And when humanity thrives, the world can thrive for us all now and for future generations too.

Trang is amazing. She’s gifted and extremely intuitive. The was the best 2.5 hours spent
Arifa Tajbhai
"Love Trang’s energy, motivation & positivity. It's so infectious"
Eleah Solagna
Event manager



‘Success’ by itself has proven time and time again to be a potential trap. How many people do we know who have raced to the top of the mountain of so-called success, only to realise they’ve been climbing the wrong mountain and the view is not what they truly wanted? Introducing: Many CEO’s, millionaires or billionaires seemingly have it all, but still feel like something is missing, or at worst, they feel empty inside. In contrast, success with PURPOSE births joy, fulfilment and ripples of positive impact. In this talk, Trang provides you with the opportunity to understand what it means to truly uncover and live with purpose to guide your life direction going forward.


Children are some of the most free and unfiltered beings we get the pleasure of seeing and engaging with. In contrast, as adults, many of us struggle to remember who the most free version of us is and how to express our truth every day. Why is this so? In this talk Trang will share with you how from the moment we are born we are being moulded by our environment, why it often feels so challenging to step into our most authentic selves, and how we can come home to our truest nature so we can live without constantly micro-adjusting ourselves. Let Trang help you uncover your truth and start embracing your truest YOU so you can live with conviction and freedom.


Our belief systems are often the first step in how we create our entire reality. Our beliefs dictate our choices, which dictate our actions, which dictate our results and ultimately, our life. If we don’t believe we are worthy of achieving something, how will we consistently pursue it, let alone reach the point of its achievement? In this talk Trang will give you the tools that will help you shift how you see yourself and the world; unlocking the true potential that deep down, you know you have.


Our mind and the actions we take are one of the major things in our lives we have dominion over. Yet many people struggle with this amazing power throughout their life. This isn’t a limitation of people’s potential, but simply knowledge on how to enact change for long-lasting performance. In this talk Trang will provide you with the opportunity to learn and apply strategies that will allow you to step into your greatest power to achieve mastery and performance in all areas of your life, from your personal habits to your professional results.