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The realities of running a 6-figure online coaching business

Something I’m so extremely grateful for is my life

Oh my… Do I love my life

People ask: What is your dream life? And I say: I’m already living it!

Some things you see:

  1. Working from a laptop anywhere in the world
  2. Chasing waterfalls on a random Tuesday at 3pm
  3. Working from home in Pjs

Yep, I’m doing what I love when I want with whom I want, and I get to help people thrive in their businesses and lives, which creates even more opportunities for ripples of impact

But it’s not JUST what you see.

Every reality has different parts of it: The amazing parts AND the challenging parts

Some things you don’t see:

  1. Working at 9pm on a Saturday night
  2. Days of doubt and anxiety
  3. Restless nights of sleep due to the endless ideas circulating
  4. & much more

And if we are striving for any reality, then we need to be prepared for ALL of it

The earlier we can be aware of the different sides and take full responsibility for all of it, the earlier we will overcome blockages and consistently do what it takes to achieve the thing!

If you want to hear the realities of running a 6-figure online coaching business, listen to this week’s new podcast episode out now.


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Till next week,

~ Trang Nova xo