Are you hungry to grow your dream business to replace and exceed the income from your job?

(While living your truest and fullest life as not just a business owner, but a woman)

You want to grow your business consistency and revenue

You want to be financially rewarded doing what you love,

You want to work for yourself and live on your own terms


You desire a sisterhood of supportive and inspiring women who walk your path with you.

You need someone else who’s walked the path before you to help you with a personalised strategy for how to build your powerful business and get more eyes on your work so you can get closer toward replacing and exceeding your income from your professional career.

Simultaneously, you know you need more mindset, personal rituals, and other supportive structures that will allow you to not just achieve a powerful business, but sustain it while living your best life.

The problem is, you have big dreams for yourself and while you know that it takes time to grow, you want things to move faster.

You’re ready for more business growth but you have no idea what actions are actually needle-moving and so you’re going around in circles without a plan.

And that makes you feel overwhelmed, frustrated and let’s be honest, a little disheartened

The thing is, I believe that everyone has infinite potential, but not everyone is in a supportive environment to give them the opportunity to ignite what they have within them. At the same time, you’ve got one shot at this life, so you shouldn’t settle for anything less than who you are made to be.

I know what it’s like to know that you are destined for so much more than where you are currently at, but feel confused and stuck on how to move forward.

I’ve been there before. I was 4 years into my university qualified profession as a Sports Physiotherapist and 12 months into my quarter life crisis before I decided I was fed up with my own inaction, and decided to put my foot down and take that leap.

I started to build my coaching business as I gradually dropped back my Physiotherapy hours. After 2 years, I had completely replaced my income and could finally step away from my 9-5 which opened up a new chapter of my life, where I was now operating full-time in my own business with complete autonomy over my time and energy.

Freedom felt amazing. I felt like I was on holidays 24/7. No more Sunday night blues. No more waking up with dread. No more living for the weekend. 

Now, I get to live my truest and fullest life running my 6+ figure dream business that gives me freedom and abundance to travel for half of each year. I get to go to bed at night with deep fulfilment, and most importantly, create a positive impact on the world.

And this is EXACTLY why I created Life of Legacy – so that people like you could have the exact tools and a personalised strategy to finally replace and exceed your current income and step into the most expanded life possible.

Introducing... ✦ ✷ Introducing... ✦ ✷ Introducing... ✦ ✷ Introducing... ✦ ✷ Introducing... ✦ ✷ Introducing... ✦ ✷ Introducing... ✦ ✷ Introducing... ✦ ✷ Introducing... ✦ ✷ Introducing... ✦ ✷ Introducing... ✦ ✷ Introducing... ✦ ✷


An intimate 6 month mastermind with a magical 4-day retreat for women hungry to grow their dream business to replace and exceed the income from their full-time job, and achieve freedom and fulfilment.

Be part of an intimate sisterhood to transform internally, heal limiting beliefs, negative self talk, develop confidence, self-mastery and more so you can achieve your best life not just as a business owner, but a woman living her best life.

"I flew from Switzerland to Australia for the retreat. I thought Trang was like a celebrity, and that she'd be staying in a different house to us. But it turns out Trang is just so warm and real. I've never seen any mentors like her"
Shara Jesuraj
Pharmacist & Singer
"I've done many development courses before, but Life of Legacy has been the most impactful one. It's the best coaching program and I couldn't recommend if enough"
Renee Fostiropoulos
Cafe Owner

In the Life Of Legacy Mastermind, you will be taught the HOW with a Family of Ongoing Support and Accountability.

At the Life Of Legacy Retreat, you will EXPERIENCE the Magic of Transformation and Immersion.



Upon enrolment, you'll meet your mastermind sisters who will be your cheerleaders and accountability partners through the 6 months. We'll also begin to identify any of the personal blocks that are you holding you back from being visible and taking the action that is going to produce the results. We'll start to uncover any of your unresolved beliefs, doubts, or patterns so that you can get out of your own way & rise up to take action on your personalised strategy.


With the foundations created in step 1, we’ll then create the personal strategy for building your business that can take on the world stage and create ripples of positive impact. Simultaneously, you’ll be held accountable to optimise your money mindset, relationships, health, habits and more so that you can sustain that success long-term while living your best life as not just a business owner, but a woman of legacy that you are.


Lastly, it’s time to EXPERIENCE the highest embodiment of the woman and legacy that you are. Immerse yourself at a revolutionary and magical 4-day retreat where you will do group activities, embodiment exercises and go on fun adventures to truly consolidate and solidify your highest, most evolved self that you have become. Enjoy dance-parties, sky-diving and late night DNMs with our little family of love!

See the how things work inside Life Of legacy

Life of Legacy is best retreat I've ever been to. It opened my heart to depths I couldn't comprehend. So grateful for all the women at the retreat and most of all my mentor, Trang
Sue May Wong
"Trang has seriously changed my life . She is such an incredible person with wisdom beyond her years and so much to offer. I’m super duper grateful for everything she’s taught me"
Natasha La Rosa

What do clients have to say about Life Of Legacy?


A 6-Month INTIMATE Mastermind

With a maximum of eight women so that you always have space and a voice to be heard, and can have personalised coaching time with Trang


For the proven systems and methods for mindset fundamentals, self-mastery, the business building pyramid including branding, messaging, offer creation and optimisation, marketing, sales, the blooming woman and business BTS


For ongoing sisterhood growth and accountability, content discussion and practice, Q&A, and hot seat coaching, where you have the complete spotlight to have Trang and the other women contribute feedback, ideas, and improved visibility, conversions and business growth.


So you can apply these processes in your own unique way to your business, and shortcut your visibility, sales, revenue, and client results by focusing on what WORKS.

Monday -Friday Access to Trang and the Group

So you always have Trang and a support team by your side and have your questions answered for continual implementation and progress in your business growth.

A Magical Four-Day Retreat in october

So you can EXPERIENCE transformation and embody your highest self in real life, while having fun, being on holidays and relaxing with the women of legacy family!

*The exact weekend in October is yet to be finalised as I will endeavour to find dates that suit each woman in the group. If you are unable to attend the retreat for one reason or another, you will have access to four 1:1 sessions with Trang instead!

Three Nights of Accommodation

At a spacious Airbnb along the Surf Coast of Victoria, Australia.

*The standard sleeping arrangement is shared rooms. If you would like your own room, this will be available at an additional price.


So you can rewrite who you are as you do something that you didn’t think you could do, while having a wild and fun shared experience with the other women!

*Sky-diving is not compulsory as I will never force you to do anything you don’t want to do. However, you are encouraged to take the leap as this is an exercise specifically designed for you to overcome your fears. Your spot will be available for you to make your decision as late as the morning of the jump.

A Mini-Professional Photoshoot

Where you will be able to own the new version of yourself in front of the camera, and take 10 gorgeous photos to freshen up your online presence.

Breakfast, Dinner, Snacks, & Drinks

A array of delicious plant-based food will be provided with your allergies catered for so you can stay fueled for the whole weekend.

*Minus two lunches where you will have free time to explore the coastal region and grab your own lunch with the others.

Life Of Legacy is my heart and soul. As an attendee myself of various masterminds and retreats over 8 years, I’ve created this experience to be the most supportive, expansive and transformational experience for your business and life.

HOw things work at the retreat


DAY 1: Grounding and Mindset Reset to leave behind your day to day responsibilities and step into your highest possibilities.

Day 2: Emotional transformation through inner child healing, and self-worth development so you can heal your deepest wounds and get out of your own way.

Day 3: Embodiment day to start showing up as the woman of legacy that you ARE. Sky-diving (Non-compulsory) and a powerful dreaming workshop.

Day 4: Integration by utilising all that you have transformed at the retreat and owning your essence for a photoshoot. Work time in the afternoon to get things in motion for business moves beyond the retreat.

SEE what went down at the last retreat!

"Honestly, being coached by Trang was an amazing experience. I enjoyed it so much I'm doing another course run by Trang!"
Maree Ioannou


Life of legacy is ideally for women who have already gotten started on their business journey and are currently making between 1k-5k a month, and are ready to continue expanding their businesses to replace and exceed their full-time profession. 

We go through a plethora of teachings and systems in the mastermind for you to level up your business to the next stage such as mindset, branding, marketing, sales, communication skills, money mindset and more. There is an allocated time for hot seat coaching reserved for each woman in the mastermind.

With that being said, this income guide is just an estimation for the current problems and solutions you need in your business. If you are yet to launch your business or are making more than >5k a month in your business, but everything else about Life of Legacy sounds like it’s exactly what you need, then this can absolutely still be valuable for you. 

I’ve had clients without businesses AND ones aiming for their first million dollar year still get extreme value from the diversity of teachings and soak up the incredible. experiences from Life of Legacy

Life of legacy is designed to be intimate so that each women has space to share her voice, be seen and heard and have personalisation in the coaching and support. 

For that reason, the mastermind and retreat is capped at 8 women.

My clients have achieved incredible results:

  • Plenty of launched businesses such as cafes, personal training studios, destiny-reading businesses 
  • A pharmacist making her musician dreams a reality by releasing her first single and having it featured on the radio 
  • Record 4- and 5-figure sales
  • Doubled revenue in businesses
  • Record pay-rises through increased confidence and negotiation
  • A woman ticking off her ‘ONE dream she must achieve before she dies’ within 18 months by leaving her corporate job, selling her house and moving to the country onto her dream property
  • Women leaving their jobs that they’ve been stuck in and landing their dream roles
  • Banishment of Imposter Syndrome
  • Starting up the new habit of exercising/breathwork/journaling and sticking with it longer than she’s ever been able to before
  • Women being able to say ‘I’m finally at peace and happy’

And so much more…

Life of Legacy launches twice a year. In Jaunary and July of the year for six months.
If you are in between these timeframes and would like to join, please don’t hesitate to apply to reserve your spot, have the opportunity for the BONUS early bird offer of a 1:1 Coaching Call with Trang AND access extended payment plans!

The live calls are usually Monday or Tuesday nights at 7pm AEDT/AEST (Melbourne time) – This equates to the early morning in the States, or mid-morning in the UK/Europe

It’s not uncommon for women to fly interstate and overseas for the Life of Legacy Retreat, as everything at the retreat is already covered except for the flight costs.

However, if you are unable to attend the retreat, then you can still join the comprehensive Mastermind experience with all of its resources, support, and accountability and have access to four 1:1 mentoring sessions instead (The same value as the retreat)!

A LOT! Trang personally runs the retreat and each of the live Mastermind Calls herself, where there is a complete open floor for discussion and questions. In addition, Trang is available in the group chat for the duration of the 6-Month Mastermind for questions, support and accountability Mon – Fri with a maximum of a 24-hour response rate (Often faster though!)

Nope! I will never force you to do anything.

I highly encourage you to consider to take the leap as sky-diving on day 3 of the retreat is intentionally designed for you to overcome fears and leap into a new version of yourself, but it’s ultimately up to you whether or not you choose to participate.


If you are committed to your development and results, then I’m committed to making this work for you. I desire to be as inclusive as possible in my offerings, and would hate for someone to miss out simply due to their financial circumstances within a singular snapshot of time. 
Depending on your needs, we can arrange a flexible payment plan that suits you, especially if you sign up for early bird access!


An intimate 6 month mastermind with a magical 4-day retreat for women hungry to expand their purpose-led business to replace and exceed the income from their full-time job.