Hey there, I’m Trang Nova!

If you want to create an extraordinary life of purpose and potential, where you’ve successfully pivoted from your current profession and built your dream business that gives you freedom and fulfilment


I’m a mentor and speaker for those of you who are hungry to pivot out of your current job and build your dream business, so you can live out your purpose and potential, and create the extraordinary life you’d always aspired to have

I’ve been there before. I was 4 years into my university qualified profession as a Sports Physiotherapist and 12 months into my quarter life crisis before I decided I was fed up with my own inaction, and decided to put my foot down and take that leap

The quarter-life crisis

I started my career as a Sports Physiotherapist, but after a few years of work, whenever I’d envision living the rest of my life between four walls showing one person after another how to how to lift 1kg weights, I’d ask myself “Is this really all it will be..?”

I spiralled into a confusing quarter-life crisis, knowing I was destined for so much more if I truly wanted to realise my own potential for a tremendous life, and make more of a difference in the world

Yet, I was petrified. Where would I even start in changing careers and starting my own business? What would people think of me? What if this was a mistake an I end up regretting this?

It eventually became so painful that I finally stopped putting up with my own sh*t, and took my first step

The pivot

I started to build my coaching business as I gradually dropped back my Physiotherapy hours. After 2 years, I had completely replaced my income and could finally step away from my 9-5 which opened up a new chapter of my life, where I was now operating full-time in my own business with complete autonomy over my time and energy. Freedom felt amazing. I felt like I was on holidays 24/7. No more Sunday night blues. No more waking up with dread. No more living for the weekend.

The legacy

Now, I get to live my truest and fullest life running my 6+ figure dream business that gives me freedom with my time to and travel, which I do for half of the year. I get to go to bed at night with deep fulfilment, and most importantly, create a positive impact on each person I work with and hopefully, create ripples of positive change for the world

Ultimately, I believe that when enough people raise their consciousness and live their best lives of purpose and potential, then humanity will thrive. And when humanity thrives, then the world can thrive for us all and future generations

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Life and Business Mentoring isn’t unique, but HOW I do it is...

The things is, I’ve lived multiple lives: I’ve been in the trenches of hustle-culture working 60-hour weeks, and now I run my spacious business while travelling solo half of each year 

What that means, is I can help you with ALL of it

Tbh, I know a lot of coaches who only teach business strategy without the personal development to hold that business success.

In contrast, a lot of coaches are more focused on spiritual healing/manifestation than actual results generation. 

My strengths are in empowerment and lifting your energy from the inside out, as well as crafting proven strategies and executing high-performance rituals so you can achieve extraordinary success AND sustain it 

I’m told that it’s my bold action and high results that inspire women to come in, but it’s my warm and authentic care that keeps women renewing time and time

I strive to be the leader that I wish I had when I was younger: One who is the bold figure of inspiration that gives you permission to do the same, who shows you what is possible, and can see YOU for who you are and all that you have to share with this is world!


The road here wasn’t straightforward. When I was 24, I was already doing well as a Physiotherapist and Strength Coach, but then started feeling called to be and do more. I would envision doing this for the rest of my life and ask myself “Is this it..?”

I spiralled into a quarter-life crisis, knowing I was destined for so much more if I truly wanted to leave the world a better place than how I was born into it. 


So, I left the sports industry to help people not just as athletes, but to thrive as human beings. Because ultimately, I believe that when enough people thrive, then humanity will thrive. And when humanity thrives, then the world can thrive for all forms of life and future generations.

I strive to be the leader that I longed to have as a young girl, but didn’t have:

  • One who lives boldly so you can have permission to do the same.
  • One who hears and understands you, so you know you are ok, and ‘normal’
  • One who shows you what’s possible because if I can do it, you can too

As women, we have more opportunities than ever before. More power, freedom, and abundance than ever before.

But the problem is too many of us are held back from building our dream businesses of impact because we don’t KNOW what we want to do with our lives. Maybe we know, but are stuck on HOW to get there or keep limiting ourselves due to doubt and fear.

This is what I’m here to guide and support you through.

The old world rewarded women for staying in line and being a ‘good girl'.

But the new world rewards audacious action, freedom of expression, trailblazing leadership, and revolutionary ideas

Let’s do the thing. Become world-class, build our queendoms, jump out of planes (Which we ACTUALLY do at my retreats), travel the world, and become Women of LEGACY.

Ladies, there’s a whole world of people out there who need you, so don’t you dare dim your light. It’s your duty to shine. And that’s exactly what a NOVA is: A new, bright star that appears in the sky and releases powerful energy.

So GO out there and shine your inner NOVA!!!

Fun things about me

This foundational and transformative 4-week online course is for those of you who aren’t satisfied in your current job, and want to break existing cycles of inaction and igniting your inner potential to create a revolution in your work life. You are ready to discover your life purpose, cultivate your best mindset, confidence, personal and professional habits yet so you can be ready to change careers and start your own business to experience ultimate freedom & fulfilment

An intimate 6 month mastermind with a magical 4-day retreat for women hungry to expand their purpose-led business business to replace and exceed the income from their full-time job. Be part of an intimate sisterhood to elevate your mindset, habits, and more so you can be financially rewarded and personally fulfilled as not just a business owner, but a woman living her best life

The most intimate partnership where I walk by your side through it ALL so you can have the specific guidance and accountability that will fast track your results toward worldwide domination in your purpose-led business, while still having the space to live your fullest life of financial freedom and personal fulfilment

You’ll never feel alone with me by your side through all the highs and lows!