An intimate 1-day intensive designed to connect individuals to their heart-centred purpose and provide the tools so they can unlock their power towards their greatest pontential

Last year was the year of online events, which were already so extremely powerful

Imagine the power of immersing yourself for a full day into a transformative and eye-opening environment. You WILL undoubtedly walk out as the highest version of yourself...

Are you someone who...

Just imagine that after The Enlightened, you...


It's no secret that hundreds of individuals have had incredible growth and transformation through work with me

My courses are not just about passing on knowledge and tools for success. There's already plenty of that on the internet

What I do is I work extremely intimately and deeply with individuals, to guide them to align themselves to their truest and highest self.

From there, once individuals are connected to their own purpose and vision, they become invincible.

They skyrocket their results, while being completely fulfilled and impacting the world along the way.

These courses guide people to dive deep beyond the tip of the iceberg, and uncover the roots of their challenges, to create deep and lifelong change.

Because ultimately, even though high performance equals success... Success doesn't equal happiness.

Instead, high performance WITH meaning is what leads to aligned success.

And aligned success is what allows people to thrive within themselves, and contribute to a thriving world.

However, because intimate coaching is what achieves the best results...

Spots are limited to only 10 people and they fill up FAST!

The Enlightened IS a fit for people who are:

The Enlightened is NOT a fit for people who are:

Each person is unique on their own journey - That's why I am only about helping people achieve extraordinary results through deep connection and close-coaching!

How have people benefited from my previous courses?

"It was a total body program delving into the physical and mental. knew it was going to be intense, but I never expected to learn so much about myself too. I am now able to reflect on the choices I make, be confident in my decision and have a much clearer direction toward my current goals."

"I feel like I've finally gotten off the endless treadmill of flogging myself in muscle modes of training, overload with social media info and getting nowhere. I know I'm stronger because I see it in my body and I know it in my mind and have achieved things I didn't know I could achieve"

"I've been made so aware of my unconscious mind and we can only grow if we are more self-aware"

"I feel as though I am now a completely different person to who I was when I first met Trang. She has continuously encouraged me to challenge myself, become self-aware, develop different perspectives and have self-worth. Trang Is more than just a coach, she becomes a friend, someone who assists you in thriving in all aspects of your life"


A full-day of premium performance coaching

Including physical, mental and emotional training in a small group of max 10 people. The Intensive will be held in a beautiful house along the Coast of Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia

Pre-learning content with 5 modules before the Intensive

Access to a private Facebook Group for additional coaching before, during and after the Intensive

The Enlightened workbook with 30+ pages

Snacks + drinks at during the Intensive

Meet Trang...

As a personal performance coach, Trang is specifically qualified as a Physiotherapist, running & strength coach with deep mindset training to help people in all dimensions of their lives.

After realising that people needed more than just knowledge and tools to create their dream life, Trang focuses on the 3 pillars of the body, mind and heart so that people can truly thrive.

Trang's vision is to guide people towards achieving their greatest potential with meaning, so they can thrive within themselves and contribute to a thriving world.

This is because she believes that humanity can only thrive if we are living as part of a flourishing and sustainable planet, and in return, the planet depends on conscious, heart-led and impactful human beings.

With 8 years of coaching experience, Trang has helped hundreds of people achieve their outcomes. From people who are stuck in a rut to people who are successful without fulfilment. So she has seen it all, and can meet you where you're at and take you to where you want to be!
Any questions, email trang@alignedperformance.com.au