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The one-stop destination for young adults who want to unlock their power towards their greatest potential, and achieve high performance with purpose.

The Journey of Potential

The transformative 50-day online small group coaching experience

The Enlightened

In-person live intensive

Guiding individuals towards their greatest potential and fulfillment.  Everyone wants success and happiness. But then enter into the real world, and enemies start appearing out of nowhere. Not knowing what you want to do in your life; Lacking knowledge on how to achieve your potential; Facing fears; Missing support and accountability; Feeling unfulfilled;… The list goes on. Aligned Performance is here to solve your problems.  I, Trang Nguyen, believe that there is a seat of success reserved for each person in this world.  I believe that you are truly limitless, you just need to step into your highest self.  I believe that success in itself ain’t it, but success WITH purpose and contribution is the secret to a thriving you, and a thriving world With almost a decade of coaching experience, I’ve been through this journey myself, and have seen it all. I am here to help you become who you’ve always wanted to be, and achieve what you’ve always wanted to achieve.


I knew it was going to be intense, but I never expected to learn so much about myself too. I am now able to reflect on the choices I make, be confident in my decisions and have a much clearer direction toward my current goals.
I feel like I've finally gotten off the endless treadmill of flogging myself and getting nowhere. I know I'm stronger because I see it in my body and I know it in my mind and have achieved things I didn't know I could achieve
I've been made so aware of my unconscious mind and we can only grow if we are more self-aware
I am now a completely different person to who I was when I first met Trang thanks to her continuous encouragement for me to practice self-awareness and challenge myself. I feel empowered and motivated with where my journey is going
She has encouraged me to take a different perspective of my life and who I am. Trang is more than just a coach, she becomes a friend
Once you have someone who believes in you and exposes you to your capabilities, you’ll feel like anything is possible