As women, we have more opportunities than ever before. More power, freedom, and abundance than ever before.

But the problem is too many of us are held back from building our dream businesses of impact because we don’t KNOW what we want.

Or… Maybe we know, but are stuck on HOW to get there.

This is what I’m here to guide and support you through.

The old world rewarded women for staying in line and being a ‘good girl’…

But the new world rewards audacious action, freedom of expression, trailblazing leadership, and revolutionary ideas

Let’s do the thing. Become world-class, build our queendoms, jump out of planes (Which we ACTUALLY do at my retreats), travel the world, and become Women of Legacy

There’s a whole world of people out there who need us, so don’t we dare dim our light.

NOVA describes a bright star that appears in the sky and releases powerful energy. So let’s GO and shine our inner nova!


If you are in the early stages of your growth journey and you're ready to get clear on your direction. You're hungry to carve out a new path and take your work and life to new heights...

If you are already on your development journey and you're ready to go deeper as you sustainably expand your business to replace or exceed your profession, while living your fullest life...

If you are committed to a quantum leap in your business and life, and crave an intimate partnership with a mentor who will constantly walk by your side to provide support & guidance...

"Working with Trang has been game-changing. In my career, I’ve made hard decisions and taken opportunities that I wouldn’t have been ready for if it weren’t for Trang"
Katharine Wrobel
"Life of Legacy has just been so powerful for me. I feel so fulfilled and at peace in my heart. Everything Trang teaches are things that she practices and has tested on herself. If you don’t do it, you’re missing out"
Sue May Wong
Health Coach
"Trang has seriously changed my life . She is such an incredible person with wisdom beyond her years and so much to offer. I’m super duper grateful for everything she’s taught me"
Natasha La Rosa
"I've followed Trang for a while & really connected with how she coaches the mind, and also practical action. Life of Legacy is the best coaching program & I couldn’t recommend it enough. What I’ve learned has been life-changing."
Ren Fostiropoulos
Cafe Owner
"Honestly, being coached by Trang was an amazing experience. I enjoyed it so much I'm doing another course run by Trang!"
Maree Ioannou

Meet Trang

Trang Nova is a mentor and speaker for women who are hungry to pivot careers and build their dream business, so they can live out their potential and purpose with freedom and fulfilment.

In her mid 20’s, Trang experienced a quarter-life crisis that led her to leave the sports industry so she could help women not just as athletes, but as human beings. That way, Trang believed she could use her lifetime to contribute to change at a more comprehensive and global scale.

Now, Trang is determined to help others through step into their greatest power and thrive in their lives of impact. Because ultimately, she believes that when enough individuals are thriving, then humanity will thrive. And when humanity thrives, then the world can thrive for all forms of life and future generations.