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The one-stop destination for recreational runners who want to run faster and stronger. Top-tier coaching from a qualified Physiotherapist, Running Coach and Strength Coach in one.

Coaching and Programming for long-term results

Some of the most common problems that runners face are a lack of knowledge on how to get faster; injuries that derail training; and a lack of accountability and support to truly step up.

I, Trang Nguyen, am here to solve your problems. As a runner myself, and with almost a decade of coaching experience for runners from all over the world, I know exactly what you’re confused about and the obstacles you face.

There are already so many generic programs out there, so I only engage in completely personalised and close coaching. I believe in relationships, therefore choose to only work with a small number of clients at a time. 

With 1-1 online or in-person coaching for running, strength, rehab as well as mindset and nutrition, you can trust that you are being looked after as you train towards your outcomes. You won’t need to go anywhere else again!

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