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Why you SHOULDN’T copy my strategy if you want to build a successful business

Today, I want to share with you why you SHOULDN’T copy my strategy if you want to build a successful business

Don’t get me wrong, my business strategy up until now has worked wonders for me. It’s in integrity with my values and I would advocate for it.

But, I still don’t think you should copy my strategy.


Building a successful business is not a one-size-fits-all approach

What’s worked well for me will likely work well for many, but will also be detrimental to others

And that’s why I don’t just teach what I have personally done

  • I teach tried and tested strategies that work in the market
  • I guide my clients to take an approach that is reflective of their specific situation, and their specific goals
  • I encourage my clients to focus on their strengths, which will look different from person to person
  • I help my clients fit business INTO their lives, not fit their life around their business. This will also look different for each person

For example, where my strengths are in speaking, others are in writing. Therefore, the marketing strategy for my clients will look different from mine.

I thrive off working 12-hour days, 6-7 days a week, then taking 1-2 full week off at the end of each month and 2-3 months a year. Others would get burnt out with this approach, so then time-management strategies will need to be adapted

I like to share my personal life here. Some of my clients prefer to keep their personal lives completely private, so then we focus on other ways to build connection and trust

This is why I love working closely with my clients. I meet them where they are and mentor and coach them to success, not just teach them a one-size-fits-all method!

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Chat to you soon,

Trang xo