I help you replace your profession with your dream business, while still having the space to live your fullest life of freedom and fulfilment

You want to create an extraordinary life where you fulfil your ultimate purpose. You want to pivot from your current job and create your dream purpose-led business and finally have financial freedom and personal fulfilment. You want to be recognised as the best at what you do.

The problem is you have big dreams for yourself and the world, but you don’t know where you’re going wrong to be able to successfully create and grow your dream business to become the best in your field. You don’t even know what you don’t know, which makes you feel overwhelmed and frustrated that others seem to be making moves so effortlessly, while you’re grinding away with seemingly little progress.

The thing is, I believe that everyone has infinite potential, but not everyone is in a supportive environment to give them the opportunity to ignite what they have within them.

At the same time, you’ve got one shot at this life, so you shouldn’t settle for anything less than who you are made to be.

So what should you do differently?  

Firstly, let me give you robust guidance and a proven strategy that’s right for YOU so you can fast track your dream results, rather than going through years of trial and error on your own

Simultaneously, this will only be sustainable when you develop the exact mindset, personal rituals, and other supportive structures that will allow you to run your powerful business while still living your best life 

And this is exactly how I can help you

The old world rewarded women for staying in line and being a ‘good girl’…

But the new world rewards audacious action, freedom of expression, trailblazing leadership, and revolutionary ideas

Let’s do the thing. Become world-class, build our queendoms, jump out of planes (Which we ACTUALLY do at the Life of Legacy Retreat), travel the world, and become Women of Legacy!

This foundational and transformative 4-week online course is for those of you who aren’t satisfied in your current job and want to create a revolution in your life, but don’t know exactly what that might look like yet. Here, you’ll connect to your purpose and ignite your potential so that you cultivate the mindset, confidence and lifestyle habits required to change careers, start your own business and ultimately, create an abundance of results!

A comprehensive and intimate mastermind for women who are personal brands, solopreneurs, freelancers or in service-based business who are hungry to grow their business properly so they can replace the income from their job (While feeling good throughout your days and thriving as an empowered woman, not JUST as a biz owner)

Completely bespoke partnerships ranging from once-off strategy and coaching sessions, to 12-month mentorships where I walk by your side through it ALL so you can have the specific guidance and accountability that will fast-track your results toward doing what you love and on your own terms to have a life of freedom and fulfillment 


Meet Trang

Trang Nova is a mentor and speaker for those who are hungry to pivot out of their careers and build their dream business, so they can live out their potential and purpose with freedom and fulfilment.

In her mid 20’s, Trang experienced a quarter-life crisis that led her to leave her Physiotherapy profession so she could help people not just as athletes, but as human beings. That way, Trang believed she could use her lifetime to contribute to change at a more comprehensive and global scale.

Now, Trang is determined to help others through step into their greatest power and thrive in their lives of impact. Because ultimately, she believes that when enough people are thriving, then humanity will thrive. And when humanity thrives, then the world can thrive for all forms of life and future generations.