The 8-week small group coaching experience for you to become your highest self towards your potential...


You're already doing well in your life, but deep down, you know you still have way more potential in you

After finishing JOP, I am now feeling driven, motivated, and excited for the future. I was able to achieve a pay rise and a new role which I feel very aligned with. I have changed for the better


Initially, I was on the fence about JOP because I am a very independent person who is not used to seeking help, but I took the chance and never looked back. It was probably the best decision I have ever made for myself!


Are you someone who...


High-achievers already have plenty of information (Cheers Google), but are often starving in at least one of 3 keys steps that hold them back from achieving success with purpose.

1. Complete clarity on their deep purpose, and therefore, aligned outcomes

This is why people might spend all their energy climbing a mountain, only to get to the top and realise it was the wrong mountain the whole time. Or they hustle, but it's a grind and they feel uninspired the whole time. Maybe they drop-off before they even 'make it'

2. Knowing where to start and what action to take
This is where people get information from the internet, but it's generic, shallow and is only a few random pieces of a big puzzle. So people do trial and error, but it takes too much effort or time, and self-doubt starts to creep in.

3. Support and accountability to take massive action
Even for those who know what they need to do, there's often a voice in their heads telling them that they're not good enough. Fear, or lack of accountability from a resourceful 'tribe' means they struggle to sustain the action required to truly step up

...And this is why The Journey Of Potential has been created

It's a comprehensive 8-week online experience that will take you along the journey from start to finish.

You will be part of a small group (MAX 6 people) where you will receive the support and accountability that will make it impossible for you to NOT step up to your highest self and smash your outcomes.

You will learn so much about yourself and take on a new perspective for a better life

No matter your exact outcomes... If you are someone who wants to achieve high performance in your life with purpose, you will have a transformational experience. Let's go!

The close mentorship was everything. Because once you have someone who believes in your and exposes you to your capabilities, you'll feel like anything is possible.

~ Jo

After JOP, I'm feeling more grounded, confident, experience anxiety a lot less, and I'm armed with a lot of tools to deal with challenges that crop up in the future



8 Weeks of Small-Group Coaching

An online experience in a small group of max 10 people. You will have access to Trang for the full 8-weeks for ongoing support, guidance and accountability.

Access to the Exclusive FB Community

Receive bonus coaching and content within the Journey Of Potential FB group. Get any of your questions answered with this ongoing support community from Trang and others in the group

The Journey Of Potential workbook

Remember all of your new learnings and work through different personal-development exercises with the Journey Of Potential Workbook

2x Weekly LIVE Group-Coaching Calls

Intimate, deep and mind-blowing group calls over Zoom for anywhere between 60-120 minutes. This is where you will receive ongoing coaching and advice. The power of people's transformations are truly in these calls!

Pre- learning content

Get prepared to make the most out of the course with pre-learning video content. This includes 4 video modules that align your state of mind and get you thinking about important topics before you even start on the journey!

1x 1-1 coaching call with Trang

In the final week of the course, you'll have access to Trang for a 1-1 coaching call. You'll have undivided attention and coaching as you ask any questions and set yourself up for success after the course!

This experience is valuable BECAUSE it's done in a small, intimate coaching group

Therefore, spots are limited to 6 people maximum

The Journey Of Potential IS a fit for people who are:

The Journey of Expansion is NOT a fit for people who are:

Hear what JOP graduates have to say about this transformative experience...

I am now a completely different person to who I was when I first met Trang. She is more than just a coach, she becomes a friend

~ Paige

I really looked forward to each session. As much as there was a lot of deep diving, the sessions were a lot of fun. It was great to connect with like-minded people and to see the growth in all of us was so inspiring


Meet Trang...

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Trang Nguyen, founder and host of Aligned Performance, is a mindset and performance coach. Also currently completing her Masters of Nutrition, Trang helps individuals achieve their greatest potential with purpose and create their mark on this world. 

Her vision is a thriving world where individuals are more conscious and connected to themselves, others and this planet. This way, ALL forms of life can truly thrive and live harmoniously as one.

Trang is passionate about working with people to transform the core of who they are as a human being. From there, changes will be reflected across all areas of their life, whether it’s their career, health, relationships, personal habits and more, so they can truly thrive at the highest level possible


Any questions, email trang@alignedperformance.com.au