What to say to your parents if they don’t agree with you starting your business

This week’s podcast was a fun Q&A session talking about travel, favourite books, decision-making, and more – Have a listen here!

One of the questions is so frequently that I wanted to share it here:

“What do you say to your parents if they don’t agree with you starting your business?”

Firstly, this is a challenging one to answer in that everyone relates differently to those closest to them. What’s seen as respectable or acceptable in one culture isn’t in another

Therefore, I can only share what I personally did when I started my business

The thing is we have to remember that anytime someone shares their advice that we are making a mistake or taking too big of a risk, that’s a projection of their own insecurities and limiting beliefs, is actually has very little to do with us. it’s their narrative and reality, not ours.

But out of you and them, only one of you is the one who holds the power to skew your own future results. Only one person is going to wake up every day living your life, thinking and feeling every single thought and emotion.


So to me, you are the only one with a real say in how you live your life

How did I do it? After having this conversation with my parents, I simply took the action that I wanted to.

Sure, they were disappointed in the short term. But when they saw how well I was doing and how happy I was, my happiness became their happiness.

Why? Because ultimately, our happiness was all it was about in the first place

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