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Don’t let your 7-year-old self run your business

“But do I reaaaally need to do the self-development work to grow my business? Surely I can get by without it. Isn’t it only for those who can’t help themselves…?”

Here’s the thing…

When I was young, I was often praised when I studied but scolded if I wanted play.

Money was scarce, so you bet that every Domino’s Pizza 2-for-1 voucher was used.

So in my early days as an adult, I still operated as such in my business. I felt guilty if I wasn’t working. My worth was solely tied to my work ethic. I didn’t want to invest money just in case I couldn’t replace it again.

And these ingrained beliefs were the exact things that were holding me back.

Since doing the inner work to rise above these patterns, I was able to unlock so much more of my potential

I started showing up with more certainty when interacting with others. I started living more, which added experience and creativity to my work. I started investing more money into myself and the business, which returned even more money.

The point is our deepest, unconscious patterns run us, and therefore, our entire business

What’s happening deep inside of us shows up in everything we do: Our mannerisms, how we hold ourselves, and the small things we say and do…

And that’s exactly what determines our results in your work.

Do the inner work, not just the outer work ✌️

Till next week,

Trang Nova xo

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