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How I’d invest $10,000 if I were starting my personal brand again from scratch

It’s 2023 – We could start a business with $0 if we wanted to! So this is how I would invest $10,000 if I were starting my personal brand again from scratch…

I’d invest most of that money into my development. Why? I am the core asset of my business. Without me, there is no business. And no matter what happens with this business, I can use my skills to build others in the future. I am the common denominator that needs to be nurtured.

So, firstly, I’d spend 3k on personal development. Understanding mindset fundamentals, expanding my perspective, developing emotional awareness, working through blockages…

Secondly, I’d spend 3k on specific business training. Develop the skills to not only build an extraordinary business but also sustain one. Branding, marketing, sales, operations, systems, accounting management…

Thirdly, I’d spend the last 4k on developing my core skill, and therefore an asset, that I’ll be offering in my business. For example, As a speaker, it’s getting public speaking skills. As a coach, it’s developing coaching tools. As a musician, it’s developing music writing and performance skills

In today’s new podcast episode “What I’d Do Differently In Business If I Had My Time Again’, I distill my experiences from the last eight years in business so you learn from my mistakes and progress toward where you want to be, faster.

Specifically, I share the things I did in the early stages of building my personal brand and coaching business: What worked well, what I’d change, and how I would do it the second time around. Enjoy!

~ Trang Nova xo

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