Are the 3 people closest to you excellent models of who you want to become and achieve?

This discussion came about when a client had divulged that she was working extremely long and painfully boring hours, yet her dream vision had nothing to do with what she currently does!  Turns out all her friends were all in this line of work, and she’d naturally taken on their advice to keep progressing in this area.

So if you are someone who is struggling to put in place positive changes in your life, or you’re not stoked with where you’re headed… I challenge YOU to run a fine comb through the 3 people you spend most time with.

As James clear says in his book Atomic Habits… “I have never seen someone consistently stick to positive habits in a negative environment”.  Look at these people, and see if they are models of who you want to become and what you want to achieve. Because by spending significant time around them (This includes social media accounts you follow), you are unconsciously modelling their values, beliefs systems, and behaviours.

If they are not, get clear on the top 3 role models of who you want to become. Analyse them. Look at not just what they do, but how they think. Look at not just the big things they do, but the subtle things.  Then find ways you can bring them into your daily reality and spend more time with them -Whether it’s via an official coaching course, simply consuming more their content or having regular catch ups with these people.

Personally, I have daily accountable calls with other leaders in my field, and am currently part of a 12-month coaching course with my mentor who is an excellent model of who I strive to be. It’s profound how my internal world has shifted simply by curating my external environment.