Surge your productivity with these 3 steps

Something that I include in my fundamental coaching content for clients is productivity systems. You don’t really need an explanation for why this is so vital for high performance, yet it’s an area that I believe many people are doing so poorly. Especially in today’s world of distraction and multi-tasking. Here are 3 ways you can improve your productivity:

1. Go on an activity diet

Cognitive bandwidth (Founded by Princeton psychologist Eldar Shafir) describes the limited amount of attention that the human brain has each day.

For that reason, you’ll get more quality, and potentially more quantity of work done if you do focused work over fewer hours. For example, 5 hours of focused work is far superior to 10 hours of distracted work.

2. Go on an information diet

Save your mental capacity for the things that DO matter. For example, time to fill your reality with more relevant thoughts than a dog in Texas who does cute things every day.

This also includes educational content. You’re better off learning one new idea a day that will make a tangible difference in your life, than hitting your minimum 50 pages a day if you forget 90% of what you’ve read.

3. Batch tasks

It is believed that when you shift from one activity to another, molecules of focus are left on the preceding task, therefore every transition in your day has a cost (Attention Residue – Named by Sophie Leroy). Therefore, batching will not only save time, but save your focus.

To listen to the full podcast episode where I delve into each strategy with more examples and practical applications, click here


~ Trang