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The 3 choices every time you have a problem

This is a mindset that I’ve been personally taken on for a while now, and has been my saviour during this pandemic.  The mindset is this: Every problem I face is a ‘me’ problem, because it is ultimately my responsibility to choose how I respond to it.  The reality is, every time you face a problem, you unconsciously take on a certain thought process about it, which ultimately creates the emotions you feel.

You think the event itself made you feel that way, but it’s actually your response to the event that made you feel that way.  As a result, it is actually how you respond to your problems that causes you more suffering, than the problem in itself.

 Therefore, every time you have a problem, give yourself one of these three options:

  1. Change the situation
  2. Remove yourself from the situation
  3. If you can’t do either, your final option is to accept the problem

 The alternative?

Complaining, resisting or fighting the problem… Which only causes you more suffering.  Ultimately, you have a ‘right’ to respond however you like, but if you have the ability to choose, why not choose a response that is resourceful for you now and beyond?  It’s not about being perfect, but the first step is to become self-aware so you can start to CONSCIOUSLY respond to challenges, rather than unconsciously reacting.

I share this in more detail in episode 20 of The Aligned Performance Podcast. If you want to overcome any problems you have and find the opportunities within them, have a listen wherever you stream your podcasts. Enjoy! 🎧