I’ve invested over 80k into my development and have made 10x back…

Over the last 7 years in business, I have invested over 80k into my development and have made 10x back. And now, I want to share with you the opportunity to do the same for a fraction of what I’ve invested…


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If you are hungry keep expanding your purpose-led business to replace and exceed your full-time profession (While living your truest and fullest life as not just a business owner, but a woman)…

If you want to sustainably scale to 6+ figures in your business so you can create your dream life of fulfilment and freedom

If you want booming self-conviction and productivity so you can make yourself damn proud

If you want to serve your heart’s purpose and leave the world a better place than how you were born into it…

AND you don’t want to do this alone. You crave in-depth guidance and support from not just a mentor, but a sisterhood as you embody your highest mindset, routines, money, relationships, business, and life YET!

Then… LIFE OF LEGACY is for you…!

A LIVE and intimate 6-month mastermind with a MAGICAL 4-day retreat for women already on their journey of personal development and business, and want to grow their personal brands or service-based businesses for more abundance of impact and freedom

Through Life Of Legacy, you’ll step into your greatest power in your business and life, and become the woman of legacy that you know you are

Why Life Of Legacy?

Life and business coaching isn’t unique, but HOW I coach is unique…

With a background as an ex-Sports Physiotherapist who’s been in the trenches of hustle-culture, going through the career change, and now a full-time free-spirit and rebel, I can help you with ALL of it

My method is the THRIVING THREE: The unique blend of the mind, body and heart for you to truly thrive in your life. If any of these pillars are missing, you will always be short of living your dream life.

I know a lot of coaches who teach pure business strategy. In contrast, a lot of coaches lean completely to the other side of inner healing and manifestation. However, I harmonise all three together so you can transform not just as a business owner, but at the core of who you are as a woman.

I focus mainly on your robust mental development and work strategy, complimented with the presence of spiritual and emotional development for extraordinary success that isn’t just built, it’s sustained

I am told that it’s my life story of bold action and high-results that inspire women to come in, but it’s my warm and authentic care that keeps women renewing time and time again.


In Life Of Legacy Mastermind, you will be taught the HOW with a Family of Ongoing Support and Accountability

At the Life Of Legacy Retreat, you will EXPERIENCE the Magic of Transformation and Immersion


Only 2 spots left, apply now!

See you on the inside,

T xo