3 truths that will suck to hear, but will elevate your life

On Instagram, 100% of you have voted that you’d rather hear the truth, even if it sucks. So here it is, 3 hard truths ++ that will set you free… (Continue reading at your own risk!)

1.The reason you’re not successful is because you haven’t earnt it yet

Not that the universe is keeping score of work vs reward
But your life situation is created by no one other than you.

And right now, what’s happening in your life is exactly what’s meant to happen because of your choices up until now.

The world isn’t against you.
You’re not unlucky.
You haven’t had an unfair situation.

Maybe you’ve spent too much time planning, rather than starting
Maybe you need to get in more reps.
Maybe you haven’t yet let go of the things that are bogging you down
Maybe you’ve been hustling, but not in an effective way.
Maybe your heart isn’t REALLY in it.

This sucks to hear, but once you accept it, it’s extremely empowering.

Because this means you SHOULD keep going. As long as you don’t give up, you WILL receive the success that is already within you.

2. Your challenges have been created by you

Challenges are challenging. They can come out of nowhere. They’re unfair. They can be caused by things that are out of your control.

Or… Are they?

The challenges in your life are created by you, whether done intentionally or not, directly or not. At the end, even if you’re convinced you didn’t create a certain event to happen, YOU’RE the one who has labelled it a challenge, thereby creating the perceived challenge 😉

Yeahhhh… Checkmate!
So, it’s time you take responsibility.

No, it’s not so out of your control how busy you are… You’ve chosen to create this life
No, you’re not the victim of financial problems, you’ve allowed yourself to be here
No, people don’t treat you badly, you’ve let them treat you badly

Yeah, it’s pretty tough to hear. If it’s your responsibility, I guess you just HAVE to also take responsibility to make it better.

Which is a good thing. Because now… you CAN!

3. No one MAKES you feel anything, you make yourself feel that

It can be easy to fall into the trap of pointing the finger towards another person, event or thing that causes you to feel a certain way.

But no one or thing can MAKE you feel anything. Only you can take an event, put meaning to it and cause yourself to feel something.

For example, someone getting fired from their job might blame their boss for making them feel unworthy

But someone else getting fired might feel free because they hated their job anyway.

So does the act of firing someone always make them feel unworthy? Does it always make them feel free?

Neither. It’s the person who makes themselves feel certain emotions as a result of their thoughts.

So, where have you been blaming something external for making you feel a certain way?

Which one resonated with you the most?

Send me an email at trang@alignedperformance.com.au and let me know!

~ Trang