Wot even is reality?

‘But the reality is…’ ← Confidently says the person who is actually only ever projecting their own perception!

Perception is reality. Therefore, reality is only limited by our perception

I’ve had clients:

  • Double their business within 8 weeks
  • Strip their anxiety down to a level they’d forgotten even existed within 3 months
  • Land a leadership role in 6 months that they thought would’ve taken years
  • Uproot their entire corporate career in the city for their dream life living in the country within 18 months

Bending time and reality is fun. And when you do it, you also get to give the greatest gift to others: Inspiration and possibility.

Shoot me an email (trang@alignedperformance.com.au) and let me know – What’s an achievement of yours that you (Or others) once thought was unrealistic, but then you magnificently proved ‘reality’ wrong? 👇

Here’s one of mine: Thriving in my own full-time business when initially, I wondered if ‘throwing everything away’ to go into business was irresponsible and not worth the risk!

Till next time,

~ Trang