Don’t let your 7-year-old self run your career

When I was young, I was often praised when I studied, but scolded if I wanted play.
I got bullied because I didn’t speak English fluently (Vietnamese was my first language).
Money was scarce, so you bet that every Domino’s Pizza 2-for-1 voucher was used.

So in my early days as an adult, I still operated as such in my career. I felt guilty if I wasn’t working. I was a solid 10/10 people pleaser. I didn’t want to invest money just in case I couldn’t replace it again.

And these ingrained beliefs were the exact things that were holding me back.

Since doing the inner work to rise above all of these patterns, I was able to unlock so much more of my potential

I started showing up with more certainty when interacting with others. I started living more, which added experience and intelligence to my work. I started investing more money into myself and the business, which returned even more money. I started to perform at a higher level than ever before.

The point is, your deepest, unconscious patterns run you, and therefore, your entire career or business.
What’s happening deep inside of you shows up in everything you do: Your mannerisms, how you hold yourself, and the small things you say and do…

And that’s exactly what determines your results in your work.

Do the inner work, not just the outer work ✌️

~ Trang