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TEDx talk recap and how you too, can increase your chances of getting a TEDx talk!

Over the weekend, one of my long-time dreams came true and I CAN NOW SAY I AM A TEDx SPEAKER!! 🎤🤯🙏🏽

To be able to stand on this stage is an incredible honour. TEDx is the stage for ideas worth sharing, and the impact of the conversations and actions that are started from this platform is BIG.

At TEDx Cecil Street on Saturday, I got to use my voice from my little corner of the world to gift people with stories, empowerment, and practicality to create space for ALL people to be seen and heard, no matter who you are or any differences you may have.

I had a blast, got to soak up every moment and deliver what I believe has been one of the best speeches of my life.

Now that it’s out there, I would love to answer a question I’ve been asked many times since I first announced that I’d been selected as a TEDx speaker: How did I land this opportunity??!

Here’s one of my thoughts: When it comes to receiving speaking opportunities, including TEDx, it’s sometimes less about what you know than WHO you know

I only knew about TEDx Cecil Street in Melbourne because I had attended an event two years prior where I met a speaker who’d spoken at TEDx Cecil Street that year

I became friends with her, and she shared with me tips on how to get through the TEDx application process, including what worked and what didn’t

I also got mentoring from one of the co-curators of TEDx who gave me insight into how to stand out through the TEDx application process

So, when it came to apply I could give it my best shot based on the knowledge I had gained through the people I’d met!

There were also other steps, so to hear the rundown in full, listen to this week’s new podcast episode ‘TEDx Recap and How I Landed my TEDx Talk!’ 

Listen here

And if you too, want to be a speaker and do a TEDx talk, don’t hesitate to hit reply and ask, I’m always happy to share my advice with you personally!

Till next time,

~ Trang Nova