What I’ve learned from one year of cold showers…

“What I’ve learned from one year of cold showers…” ~ This week’s new podcast episode is out now!

A year ago, I put my foot down. My daily life was getting too comfortable. A year after retiring from triathlon training, I felt like my threshold for discomfort had significantly dropped and I was becoming a bit… Soft. So, committed to having cold showers and haven’t stopped since!

For me, the cold showers aren’t just about the health benefits. It’s not about being extreme or practicing asceticism. Instead, it’s one way I choose to practice self-care, and ultimately, elevate self-respect. The more I take myself seriously and do things that I look up to in others, the more self-esteem I have, and the more I can harness empowerment to live my best life!

In this solo episode, I share:

  • My journey of 365+ days of cold showers
  • The importance of personal mastery for your self-esteem
  • Why hard things aren’t always hard: They get easier
  • How you can become disciplined in your daily rituals

Listen here 🙂

~ Would love to hear what you think!

Trang xx