5 Ways I Expanded My Business with Less Work in 2023

Something that is true for me is this year, I’ve worked less than ever before. My objective has never been to create a passive business (I’ll always value contribution for impact and will always have a robust work ethic), but 2023 has unexpectedly led to many life changes, travel and adventures!

(I mean, just have a look at this volcano I hiked last week in Indonesia!!!)

This has created opportunities for me to dial in my work systems to be as efficient as possible.

So, let me share with you 5 ways I expanded my business with less work in 2023:

1. Being in business for 8 years

There’ll always be ways that we can bend our reality of what’s achievable, but no one can ‘cheat’ the advantage that is long-term consistency and building knowledge, skill, and experience! With that said, this year’s results aren’t from this year as much as from the last seven!

2. Expressing authenticity

This year, I’ve worked on saying and doing more without micro-adjustments to curate how I will be perceived. This has required no additional hours in the business, yet has done so much more to call-in aligned clients compared to forcing sales!

3. Outsourcing

I’ve finally let go of the thinking that I’m the only person who can do things to a high standard (lol). Because of that, I’ve outsourced so many tasks and systems and have given myself back an extra 20+ hours in my week (Those are the hours my assistants do!! 🤯)

4. Presence

When I’m working, I enter into a deep, focused flow without any distractions. That way, I might finish 8 hours of work in 5. THEN I get more done in less time, AND have more free time!

5. Prioritising work that is progressive

This year, I’ve focused my time on developing sturdy foundations for the future. How? Focusing on self-development, business systems, building relationships, etc. This is a much better use of time than spending 6-hours trying to fix a button on my website… lol

To hear more about how I’ve implemented these strategies, listen to this week’s new podcast episode here!