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What 7 years of daily piano practice taught me about business (and life)

I’ve recently picked up playing the piano again as an adult and I’ve loved it!



I was surprised how quickly I picked it back up, but also, should I be surprised? When I was young, I played every day for 7 years…

And here’s what 7 years of daily piano practice taught me about business (and life):

1. Significant results come from the insignificant things we do daily

Whether it’s music or business, the compounding effect of little efforts create extraordinary results. This is the reality: If we ‘only’ get 1% better each day, we’ll be 37x better by just one year 🤯. However, the opposite is also true. If we get 1% worse each day, we’ll end up at almost 0 by the end of the year.


2. 60% of the time, our efforts will feel pretty standard and just another item ticked off your checklist. 20% of the time will feel and be remarkable, and the other 20%, completely sh*t

Therefore, we need to practice delayed gratification and avoid relying on our daily hits of dopamine, reward, or validation. Sure, 20% of the time, we may see the results and feel motivated, but the other 80% of the time, we won’t get anything back from our efforts just yet.


3. Creating a successful business doesn’t have to be hard

Reaching AmusA (Above grade 8) in piano may seem hard, but it wasn’t! Once it became a habit to practice for 60 minutes after dinner each night between the ages of 8 and 15, it truly became a mindless and effortless part of my day, similar to how it’s not hard to shower each day!


4. Trying to beat everyone else is simply a race to first powerless faster

I was the best at piano in my primary school of 200 students, but once I got to high school and started comparing myself to the best musicians out of 1000 students, my skills were dwarfed to smithereens. There were elite musicians at my school, meaning there were infinite levels to reach if I wanted to beat everyone else, leaving myself constantly feeling small and inferior. Whether it’s music or business, let’s save ourselves from entering into a race of impossible-ness and focus on our personal standard of growth and self-pride!

Which one resonates with you the most? I’d love to hear!

Trang Nova xo