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I cried in a mentoring session today…

Today, I cried during a mentoring session 😭


It was a one-off session with a client who did my group program two years ago and at the time, decided to take the leap to quit her job as a lawyer, sell her house, and move interstate to pursue her passion in music

I hadn’t seen or heard what she had been up to, so when we got onto the call, I asked her ‘Well, how have you been? Fill me in!’

She told me that the last 12 months in the music industry have been the BEST year of her life. She is so glad she took the courage to make the change because now she gets to do what she loves, and is really good at it!

And this is exactly is I do what I do!

Over 8 years ago, my life was changed when I met a coach who saw something in me that I didn’t even see myself, and their faith and guidance allowed me to take the leap to leave my Physiotherapy profession and go down the path of my coaching and speaking business.

I know I would never have been able to do it by myself, let alone as fast as I have done it!

I want to give you the same. You are MADE for the highest life It’s MEANT for you.

It’s there with your name on it, just waiting for you to rise and claim what’s yours 🌏🔥❤️

I am currently fully booked for ongoing 1:1 mentoring, but I’m opening up two spots for one-off Breakthrough sessions!! If you need a personalised strategy in your business or life so you skip the fluff and go straight to getting direct results, or you need support through a particular challenge so you can move on, or have guidance on things that are holding you back that you might not even realised so you can finally launch and make more money in your business, this would be perfect for you to dip your toes in!!

                                                        Apply here!!

Chat to you soon ✨

Trang Nova xo