So you’re thinking about changing careers…

It was just a few years ago that I was feeling really confused about what to do in life

I was confused because I was enjoying what I was doing as a Physio & it had been what I’d wanted since I was 16. Yet, I was starting to notice a feeling that something was missing and that I wasn’t fully satisfied.

At first, I thought it was normal… But the feeling lingered. And it started to become more noticeable.

I thought I must’ve just been burnt out and needed a break.

But, this feeling kept growing until I caught myself saying one day “I like what I’m doing, but I reckon I’ll stop in 20 years and do something else”

And then it became clear: This was a misalignment between what I was doing day to day, and what I REALLY wanted to dedicate myself to.

Despite newfound clarity on what was causing this feeling, it was still the start of a big process to come… I spent the next 12 months mentally going back and forth on whether to change careers… Dabbling… Then backing out… Going half-in again… Then getting hit with an obstacle and returning back to what I knew…

Now, on the other side of my career change from Physio to full-time high-performance coaching and speaking, I only wish I’d gone all in from the start!

And based on an Instagram Poll I put out this week. I’m not alone. 85% of people voted that they don’t see themselves in their current job in 10 years!!!

If this is something you resonate with, today’s new podcast episode is for you. It’s episode 1/2 of the podcast series ‘So you’re thinking about changing careers…’

Listen here! And keep an eye out next Thursday for part 2 🙂