5 reminders for November if you want to thrive in your career and life

I’ve always been a determined, hard-working woman. But I haven’t always been able to get the results I desired.

One of the key things that changed? Educated intention.

We all have 365 days a year. But are we being intentional? And are we being intentional in the right way for the results we want?

So, here are 5 reminders going into November if you want to thrive in your career and life:

  1. Nothing will change in 2023 unless you’re changing now.Some people haven’t thought about 2023 yet. Others are waiting till after the New Year to get serious. Those destined for a revolutionary year already know EXACTLY how 2023 is going to look, and are making moves NOW
  2. You’re not entitled to anythingYou’ve worked hard, and you may be feeling frustrated that you’re unlucky or undervalued. But the thing is, you’re not entitled to any results. You can only do your absolute best towards an outcome, then keep showing up until you truly earn it
  3. The level of your challenges is a sign of your progressIt sucks for the businesswoman who’s missed a potential 20k sale, but just the fact that it was 20k, not $300 shows how well she’s doing. Remember, you only have your challenges because you’re worthy of experiencing them
  4. Whether or not you think you have enough time before Christmas to make a big move, you’re rightSome people are already slowing down for the remainder of the year. Simultaneously, others are doubling down on their work & will finish the year with more opportunities than ever
  5. You are always the average of your environmentIf you’re struggling to step up to a new league, check whether your environment is more of a reflection of where you are now or where you want to be. If you want to level up, your environment must first level up

Which one resonates with you the most? Let me by sending an email to trang@alignedperformance.com.au – I’d love to read!

~ Trang