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Let’s break the stigma of overworking…

I’ve been working multiple Saturdays in recent weeks during my ON season of work (3-4 weeks at a time), and wanted to share with you some thoughts I had after receiving some comments about my work ritual!

It’s how people will rarely comment on how much you watch tv, eat junk food, or relax at home

But when you work more than 5 days a week, eat clean, or talk about a big goal…

They can often get invested and might say

“Isn’t that a bit extreme?”

“Let loose a bit!”

“Be careful you might overdo it!”

No matter what we do, we are choosing to direct our energy and time towards SOMETHING

One path might make people feel good about themselves that they’re doing the same…

While the other path might make them feel guilt that they’re not doing better

So then they have two choices at this point: To step up their own standards, or to bring you down to their level…

And which is going to be the easier and more instantaneous option?

So here’s your reminder that whenever you’re being called delusional, extreme, or crazy, just remember, you’re on the right path 👊🏽

In today’s new podcast episode, I break the stigma of overworking. I explore what overworking means, where the concept of 40-hour work weeks first originated, how we can work in a way that’s right for us, how to prevent burnout, and more.

Listen to the episode below!


~ Chat soon,

Trang Nova