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I got FIRED from my first job…

It was my first job out of uni

My employment situation wasn’t a good fit: I wasn’t happy and was underperforming. My employer was struggling

Here I was, sitting across from my employer on the final day of the (already extended) probation period. She looks at me in the eyes and says ‘This was your last day, Trang. You won’t need to come back to work tomorrow’

WHAT? I never thought this would happen to me

Driving home, I bawled my eyes out

I had gone to uni for this profession that I was meant to love for life. Yet I’d felt nothing but distaste going into work each day. And now, I had no job. I was a failure.

So then what happened? I ended up getting a few months of holidays (Yay!), which was where my first business was born & eventually blossomed into what I’m doing now.

Looking back, what I’ve learned from this is that brutal life changes are only a blip in time.

Rejection can be a divine re-direction.

Failure can be a wonderful learning opportunity.

The darkest times can make for a great ‘sh*tty’ first chapter of our memoir later on 😉

It is up to us to choose how we will write the next chapter

Please, don’t take this as a pressure that you HAVE to get it right from the get go

Because you might not… But as long as you try again the second time, then third, then fourth…

We are never powerless. No matter where we are at or how long we’ve been down for.

It’s an ever-evolving lifetime of opportunities. So jump on for the ride, and don’t get too attached to a situation because as long as we’re still here, we’ll get a new chance to re-write our path tomorrow!

To hear 5 ways I’ve failed miserably in the past, but haven’t allowed those moments to become my fate, listen below!


~ See you next week,

Trang Nova