I’ve been fired from a job, I’ve run a workshop to 2 people, I’ve failed TAFE…

Let me share with you a little snippet of the timeline of my journey from 2014 to 2023… (Yes those photos above are almost like a before and after lol)

2014: Failed my Personal Training TAFE course

2015: Started posting online to 23 followers

2016: 2 people + my parents came to my first workshop that was selling for $15

2017: Got fired from my first job out of uni

2018-2020: Built up to 30 clients. Did my first International Talk

2021: Changed industries & rebranded my business. Felt like I was starting again

2022: 4x in-person events & 2x online courses

2023: Biggest year yet in client results, and as a result, also in business revenue!

Where we are right now says NOTHING about where we can be in 6 months, let alone in another year or three. We can create any reality, but we cannot stop moving forwards. ESPECIALLY in moments when it feels like we’re not meant for our dream success, or the world is against us…

In today’s new podcast episode, I share how to keep going even when it feels like the world is against you. I share more about my story, and the tangible steps for you to rise up above the rut to fulfil the potential you KNOW you have!! Listen here – I’d love to hear what you think! 

~ Trang