I’m 28. I have no house, partner, or children…

I’m 28. I have no house, partner, or children. I’ve worked a 9-5. I’ve lived a ‘married’ life. Never took a gap gear, but wish I had. So I decided to buy a one-way ticket to go live and travel abroad. I’m now 3 weeks into my , and am feeling SO fulfilled, and alive…

If I could tell my 18-year-old self one thing, it would be this:

“Having room to move between the lines isn’t actually freedom. Moving the lines yourself IS. Go and create your own lines baby”

Sure, I could choose any uni-degree I wanted. I could choose any job I wanted.

But, what I didn’t recognize was that I was only choosing uni-degrees that I perceived to be acceptable to my parents. I was choosing uni-degrees because I was MEANT to go to uni at all. And straight after finishing year 12 too, of course. The university should be in my home city. Why go anywhere else? I was only choosing jobs within the database that I’d been told was secure and respectable. Halfway through my degree, why would I change course, even if I wanted to? I’d already chosen.

And those are just some of the lines from 18-20 years old. What about all the other invisible lines that I’d stayed within since then?

I actually feel a bit shocked about the potential experiences I could’ve missed out on if I hadn’t chosen to take the leap. I wouldn’t have ever known otherwise, but now, I know that I’ll always rather find out through experience, than never know in comfort

So, don’t take these lines as they are. Don’t forget, you get to create whatever lines you want. You get to move existing lines

Reality is negotiable baby!!

~ Trang