How to turn a situation from ’bad’ to IDEAL!

Last weekend, I ran the transformational LIFE OF LEGACY summit for women to step into their highest power and create their legacy.

However, the two weeks leading into it were the most challenging in a long time, if ever. Multiple major life events have come up all at once. One of them led to the tough decision to change the summit from 3 to 2 days…

This could’ve been a pain, but was also an opportunity

Because if a leader is truly at the level of running 3-day events, she must be ready and worthy of running them whether conditions are perfect, or the most difficult

So last week, I had the opportunity to become the leader who can still show up 100% at the summit despite all of life’s hurdles. I had the opportunity to become a leader who is truly worthy of running summits… And worthy of my clients

And at the summit, I can absolutely say that I showed up at the highest level I could have imagined

One of the women even said on the last day ‘It’s been the PERFECT weekend’, and I was like ‘Yes it has been!!’… Then we realised oh waittttt 😂

Because what we did was we turned imperfect into perfect. We turned a suboptimal situation into one even better than what it would’ve been otherwise. We rose up and transformed right there 🙌

To hear the full story and learn exactly HOW you can turn a ‘bad’ situation into an IDEAL one, listen to today’s new podcast episode here

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~ Trang