5 times I failed miserably…

Over the years, I’ve had my fair share of ‘failures’. Some of them SERIOUSLY BIG…

Here are 5 of them:

  1. I was fired from my first real job after uni
  2. I failed my TAFE course to become a personal trainer the first time round
  3. Two people came to my first workshop (Plus mum and dad)
  4. Someone said out loud in the middle of one of my talks ‘What a load of crap, seriously’
  5. More than once, I had to pay for petrol using the coins in my car when I first started in business

In those moments, all of these failures felt like they were signs I should just stop. That I wasn’t good enough. That my dreams just weren’t meant for me.
Obviously, none of these were true (Except that part where I realised I actually do better when I am the one who bosses myself around🤣)
You already know that failure isn’t final. Instead, I believe that everyone has the potential to turn their biggest failures into their biggest successes.
How? Listen to this week’s new podcast episode to find out!

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See ya then
~Trang Cess Nguyen