The formula to achieve success in anything in your life

What’s happening here? lol

Here’s the story:

You know when you’re still a kid in primary school and all you want to do at playtime is to do cartwheels and handstands on the school oval?

Weeeeell… I was the kid who’d never seen a handstand before until I saw the other kids doing them

They were executing these handstands so effortlessly that the voice in my head said ‘How hard can it be?’

I remember going out there to join them, then attempting a handstand out of the blue with no training

… I fell backward onto my neck. It felt like almost died

So then from that day, I never tried it again…

I resorted to reading Harry Potter on the sidelines whilst all the cool kids did their cartwheels and handstands on the green soccer oval

Well, I’m proud to announce that after a lifetime of being tortured by the inability to do something so common? (Seemingly in my world), I recently achieved my very first handstand EVER!!

The formula that I used to hit my first handstand parallels the formula to achieve anything in your life from career to relationships to personal mastery.

So in this week’s podcast episode, I share with you my story from handstand loser to handstand average joe, as well as this formula for you to take quantum leaps toward success

Listen here, enjoy!

~ Trang