EPIC client wins to wrap up the first half of 2023

As the first half of 2023 comes to a close… I looked back at recent client wins in the last few months…

  • First meditation published on Insight Timer (Whilst still working in marketing)
  • First single debuted on the radio (Whilst still working as a Pharmacist)
  • Finally feels like she is worthy to achieve her dream life
  • Registered the business that she’d been thinking about for >6 months
  • Daily cold showers for 30 days
  • First 4-figure sale
  • First 5-figure month
  • Landed her dream role at a new company she’d set out to achieve by the end of 2023

These women all came to me at the start of their journey with big dreams, but also with fear, doubt, confusion, overwhelm…

And now that they have done it, it shows that you can do it, too.

These women are putting themselves in the arena to fulfill their purpose & potential by doing what they love.

And they continue to inspire me with their commitment and leadership each day.

Is it your turn to step out from the sidelines into the arena in the second half of 2023?

There is ONE spot left for both Life of Legacy and 1-1 mentoring starting in July/August. If you are at all interested, send me an email at trang@alignedperformance.com.au, and let’s have a no-obligation chat to see where things can go for you this year. What is there to lose?

I look forward to hearing from you,

~ Trang