Do you lose your independence if you work with a mentor?

Something I used to be scared about was losing my independence and intrinsic drive if I worked with a mentor, especially over long periods of time

But now, this is what I believe: Independence doesn’t mean you have to be ALONE

You can have someone by your side on your journey and still do the walking yourself

  • A good mentor doesn’t do things for you, they support you as you do the work yourself
  • A good mentor may inspire you to push yourself, but they don’t push you for you
  • A good mentor gives you the resources that you are willing to take on and ready to implement
  • A good mentor doesn’t necessarily stop you from falling, but stands by you as you get back up to keep moving forwards

My goal for my clients is to guide them to awaken the highest version of themselves that is within them. I’m not here to guarantee results. I don’t save anyone. I don’t micromanage them. I don’t constantly check in on them so they HAVE to do the work for me. I don’t constantly remind them what they need to do. I don’t push them to do more than they are willing to push themselves.

They experience the pull and energy from me, and naturally, their potential is expanded. It’s activated. They elevate. They thrive. And they create their own dream reality!

~ Trang