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What Another 6-Figure Year In Business Really Means To Me…

I don’t often talk about these numbers, but let’s look at the business in totality for a second…

This year, I’m on my way to another PB year in business. Numbers are 20% higher than last year, which were 20% higher than the year before. I now get to celebrate my 3rd year full-time in the biz and another 6-figure year.

I may not be in the same race as other 6-figure biz owners who post about their business doubling from one year to the next, or skyrocketing to 7-figure years.

But I don’t need to be in that race. Because you know what my journey in business represents?


  • I don’t use any sleazy marketing tactics just to make quick $$
  • I authentically increase the value I provide as I personally grow year after year
  • I know how to just build a thriving business, but ALSO how to maintain it

And THIS is what business is about. When 85% of small businesses don’t make it to 15 years, I plan on making it for life 🫶

Listen to this week’s new podcast episode, where I share my 3 biggest lessons from another PB year in business!

Till next week,

~ Trang