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From overworked and confused to building out her own dream PT business

Meet Laura, one of my 1:1 mentoring clients:

Before we started working together, Laura was successful as a Physio with the dream to open up a Personal Training Studio and work full-time as a PT. However, she had doubts if it were even possible. The goal seemed so big and far away, and there were fears that she’d invest all the necessary time and energy into the project and it wouldn’t succeed

Then just 6 weeks into mentoring, she had:

  1. Become deeply convicted in her capabilities to go full-time in the business within 12 months
  2. Built-out a full personal training studio
  3. Has developed high-quality partnerships with clients and is on schedule to be full-time in less than 12 months!

The cool thing about developing deep-rooted confidence in yourself is that you now believe in your vision. Your energy changes, your decisions change, your actions change, your results change. You start hitting major milestones at an exponential rate that almost doesn’t make sense to the average person

To hear Laura’s full story including her biggest challenges and lessons along her journey, listen to today’s new podcast episode out now! 🙏


Till next time,

~ Trang