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Business Advice That’s Now Outdated In 2023

Throwback to 2015 Trang who started her Personal Training and Coaching side-hustle with absolutely no knowledge or experience

It’s now been 8 years in the game. 3 of those years full-time.

I’m still far from knowing everything, but I’ve certainly observed the times changing and learned what methods generally work better than others!

I’ve put some of these learnings into this week’s new podcast episode talking about business advice that’s now outdated in 2023, so we can redefine how business is done towards a more ethical and inclusive practice

Here is a summary of seven of the pieces of business advice that I’ve been taught or previously swore by that I believe are now dying or already expired:

  1. You must quit your 9-5 to go all-in on your business
  2. Be controversial to garner attention
  3. You must have perfect brand aesthetics on your IG feed
  4. Use your revenue as a selling point
  5. Shame your audience into buying because it’s about keeping them accountable
  6. Don’t let a client off a sales call until they buy
  7. Make huge guarantees and promise claims to make your audience trust you

To hear a deeper exploration of each of these and learn what you should do instead, listen to the full episode here!

Enjoy, my friends!
~ Trang Nova