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Healing Your Relationship With Money

This is 2017 Trang in the early days of my business…

I remember I’d feel guilty pitching to a potential client because I felt bad asking them for money…

I’d be going back and forth in my head for ages just to decide whether I should charge them $35 or $40

I sold my 2-hour workshop for $15

I told myself that if I could, I’d work for free because I wanted to help people

And at the same time, I was constantly overdrawing my bank account

I’ve had to pay for petrol with coins in my car because I had nothing left

I owed my parents thousands of dollars

I thought I was being altruistic charging my clients as little as possible, but the reality was I had an aversion relationship with money

I thought money was selfish and greed

So no wonder I spent every dollar I made

No wonder I struggled to grow my business

No wonder my clients got poor results (Low financial commitment often meant that they weren’t emotionally or mentally invested either)

And that is exactly why this week’s guest episode is all about healing your relationship with money!

Whether you want to grow your business, confidently negotiate a pay rise, or create an abundance in finances… You’ll want to listen to this one 🙂

Let me know what you think!

~ Trang Nova