“Trang, what do you teach in your courses and mentoring?”

I often get asked “Trang, what do you teach in your courses and mentoring?”

The answer is… Many things!

But here’s something that is often forgotten about…

Imagine how so many people live by default: Wake up, open up social media, scroll, drag themselves out of bed, use coffee to wake up, begrudgingly goes to work in a career they got offered based on their ATAR score 13 years ago

But imagine a person who…
Wakes up, immediately gets out the door for a run, expresses gratitude, has a cold shower, dances as they get dressed, dotes on ourselves in the mirror then does work that’s aligned to their heart’s purpose to contribute to a better world

LIFE-ENERGY: The underlying force that I believe determines our success in building our dream life

This is something that you can’t learn or be given

But you CAN be inspired and have it rubbed-off on you. And you can develop it by following your heart versus your ego

And I believe this is one of the most powerful, but invisible gifts that I get to share with each woman who I speak to, let alone get to work with ❤️

The next round of Power Your Potential starts in 3 weeks, and I’m delighted to share that this round is now FULL!

To be the first to hear about the next round when it drops, send me an email trang@alignedperformance.com.au and I’ll put you on the waitlist (Which is already half-full!)

Chat soon,

~ Trang