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This business mistake caused me to drop from $35,000 a month to $5000 the next

Let me share with you this business mistake caused me to drop from $35,000 a month to $5000 the next

I was TOO focused on getting results

Hear me out…

In business, there can be two types of tasks: Results-generating tasks, and foundation-building tasks

It’s like building a fire. You can burn the firewood (Getting results) or gather more firewood (Build the foundation)

At the start of my business journey, I didn’t realise this

I was so desperate for sales and money that I spent all my time burning the firewood by focusing only on what was in front of me to get quick results. This included: Answering emails, messages, attending to crises and pressing matters, and pitching to those in my network

Initially, this worked great. I made my biggest month in revenue: $35,000

But then the next month, opportunities in my network ‘dried up’ and I was left twiddling my thumbs, struggling even to make 1/5 of what I’d made the month prior

The problem was I had neglected to gather more firewood to build the foundation of the business: Relationship -building, finding new opportunities, long-term planning, and preventative activities.

As a result, I found myself hustling and sacrificing my soul, yet not getting consistent business growth and wondering what I was doing wrong.

So, if you want consistent business growth and results, what do you need to do? You must focus on BOTH results-generating tasks AND foundation-building tasks

Remember, business doesn’t have to be a soul-sucking cycle where you are no less chained to your work than when you were when you were employed

You can set things up so you can work less, have more time, and allow your business to work for itself!

If you want to understand where most people go wrong when starting a business alongside their job and busy lives that causes them burnout and poor results, then let me share with you how!

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~ Trang Nova