The LIE we keep getting sold…

A weight loss transformation photo came onto my feed recently, and it reminded how much the idea of a linear path towards a goal keeps getting sold

No wonder people fall into the trap of chasing results

No wonder people fall into the trap of thinking… when x happens, I can finally be ‘happy’

No wonder people forget that life is about the ongoing experience, not just a destination

No wonder people unconsciously hope that fads and quick fixes work, rather than creating deep rooted, long-lasting change from within

I used to believe this marketing, and it was one of the most unsettled periods of my life

Remember, after every ‘after’ shot, there is an ‘after the after’

Life is not one A to B, but 123456789… and continues infinitely until our last day

Chase the milestones, but remember, they are only blips of moments in an ongoing life.

I’d love to know… How are you living up this human experience in between or outside of your career goals and milestones? Send me an email trang@alignedperformance.com.au and let me know!

Till next time,

~ Trang Cess Nguyen