{RECORDING AVAILABLE} Pivot & Prosper, 2024

If you missed it, I’ve just wrapped up PIVOT & PROSPER

My FREE 3-day event to help you finally pivot and make your brand irresistible so that you can ultimately replace your profession and create an extraordinary life of freedom and fulfilment

And it was… JAM-PACKED

Honestly, this should not have been a free event, what I fit into 3 days is content I teach my premium 1:1 clients and what I’ve heavily invested in to learn from my mentors

Here’s a sneak peek of what we went through:

Day 1: How to develop deep-rooted confidence to pivot

Specifically, how YOU can overcome your doubt, the different types of confidence you need to transcend, and a LIVE belief-clearing visualisation

Day 2: How to make your brand IRRESISTABLE

Specifically, building a powerful brand versus just having a logo so you can magnetise your dream audience, common branding mistakes, mapping out the 6 unique indicators of an irresistible brand that stands out amongst the noise

Day 3: LIVE hot seat coaching and Q&A

Specifically, walking through people’s actual websites and social media to refine their copywriting and how to apply their branding homework from day 2 in a real-life practical situation

And now, I’m making it available for YOU to watch!!

***I’m planning to keep these up for only the next week, so get around it!***


I’ve also decided to offer you this ONCE-OFF opportunity, as a thank you for being part of this community and to keep the gift of giving going this month.

Book a FREE 1:1 value call with me [RRP $700], so you can have your own personalised strategy to launch your brand and make it even more visible!

***This will only be available if you book in within the next 3 days!***

Thank you for being a part of this event, it’s been FUN, JAM-PACKED, and a fantastic way to launch into 2024, the best year yet!!

~ Trang Nova xo