Give yourself the gift of possibility: The one of its kind small-group coaching experience for you to connect to your true purpose (Once and for all), and to take your career/business and life to new heights

Power Your Potential (Melbourne) launches in February, 2023



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You're a woman who is hungry to create an extraordinary career or business that's aligned to your heart's purpose

You’ve got a uni degree (probably two lol), you’re successful, look after your health and have good friends and family. Yet, you feel unsettled. You have the urge to be, and do more. You’re confused why you’re not bursting with fulfilment

It’s likely because to you…
‘Good’ is not good enough.

Maybe you’re hungry to fulfil your true potential doing work that you love, because you know where you’re currently headed is nowhere near ‘it’

Maybe you see yourself achieving world-class things, yet you have played small until now

Maybe you are craving time or location flexibility in your work

Maybe you dream of launching a successful business, podcast, book or become a freelancer

Maybe you are determined to multiply your earnings and achieve financial freedom

Maybe you are craving clarity on your purpose and direction in life

Maybe you are sick of idolising others when you know you can do what they are doing

Maybe you wish you were so much more established at this point in your life

Maybe you’re ready to squash your overthinking, inaction or imposter syndrome

Maybe your biggest fear is feeling the regret of unrealised potential or wondering ‘what if’?



Use coupon code "EOYPYP40" at checkout


Why have I created Power Your Potential?

2018: I was doing ‘well’. Yet, I’d get Sunday blues, wake up feeling dread, binge eat, feel unfulfilled and unsatisfied with myself

2022: I am driven & fulfilled by my purpose. Work is most impactful & abundant. Life has never been more adventurous.

Whatever you’re experiencing, I’ve been there:

Lol… It can be a lot.

At the start, I tried to fix each of these problems at the level of the problem itself. For example, when I was broke, I tried to save more. When I couldn’t stick to new habits, I tried to find hacks to be more disciplined.

But, I’d struggle to sustain the change, and was still all over the place in every other area of my life

The problem was, all of these problems were symptoms of an unresolved issue a lottttt deeper within me.

And as soon as I changed the core of who I was inside, everything changed.

I believe that everyone can create their dream life, they are simply lacking the resources to do so

And of course, I don’t just mean surface-level resources, I mean resources to transform YOU. Working at this deep level is the only true path to change, and that’s the only way I coach. Take it or leave it 😉 

If this is what you are ready for, I call you forward to create a life of success that is aligned to your heart’s purpose. Join me in February, 2023 for Power Your Potential Melborne!



Use coupon code "EOYPYP40" at checkout


Basically, the course is for any woman who is hungry to create an extraordinary career or business that’s aligned to their heart’s purpose. If you want to realise your true purpose, change careers or dominate your current path, then I’m here for you, and I promise you’ll get huge value from this course.

Your specific outcomes don’t matter as much, as the course goes to the root of WHO you are to create transformative results. I’ve had women come in with specific outcomes regarding finding their purpose, launching a business, growing their 9-5 job, developing personal habits, shifting their mindset, and more. And of course, when they apply the learnings from the course, they achieve what they wanted from the course.

Click on your personal situation below to have a read how Power Your Potential can help you:

This is EXACTLY what I went through during my quarter-life crisis. 

You’ve probably had this niggling feeling for a while now, and you’ve suppressed it, hoping that it will go away. But now, it’s just too overbearing to continue on. 

I believe achieving ‘success’ doesn’t mean anything unless it’s aligned and fulfilling. We’ve seen this in so many successful people who are still miserable, because they have spent their lifetime climbing the mountain, only to realise they’re at the top of the wrong mountain when it’s too late. 

How the course can help – Uncovering your heart’s calling and re-aligning your direction is one of the key things you will do first. Like I said, there’s no point starting to climb a mountain unless you know it’s the right one.

I will take you through a process that has been refined over years with hundreds of clients, and has lead to instantaneous and life-changing realisations. 

Even if you don’t realise all the answers in the course, you will certainly have a lot more clarity than you do now, and will have the opportunity to turn this discovery into tactical planning and action.

I get it. You’re already doing well. You’ve invested so much money and time at uni, and even more years building your skills and reputation in the workforce. Maybe you hate what you’re doing… Maybe you don’t mind it… But either way, you KNOW that there is something else your heart calls for. You feel like it would be a waste to change now, yet, you don’t want to be doing this job forever. You want a change so bad, but you’re petrified of the risk of failure, stepping into the unknown, what everyone will think… So, you’re feeling torn and confused.

Hello me a few years ago!

How Power Your Potential will help – Whether you’re looking for permission, accountability, empowerment, guidance or resources to take this leap… I will provide you with that. Not only will you be surrounding yourself with inspiring women, you will also learn to take on the abundant mindset required to go all in. From there, you will receive the systems required for you to start something new, then follow through to achieve success and mastery!

You are likely already doing really well, but for some reason, you feel stuck at this level. You’re not sure how to get take your work/business or life to that next league.

You see others doing it, and you wonder what it is they have that you don’t. So now you’re ready to find out.

This phase is often one of the most challenging. Why? In order to go from ‘good’ to ‘great’, you’ll need to let go of the things that you’ve been doing for a while. Because what got you here likely won’t get you there. There’s more to lose now than ever before.

However, you NEED to let go. You need to not just level up, but need to accept loss and change.

Power Your Potential will provide you with the empowerment and resources to go to the next level, whatever it looks like for you. Through the SFM method, I will have you covered from complete beginner to mastery level.

GO YOU! Good job for coming up with the idea whether it’s a side-hustle, full-time business, podcast, product, a brand, book, music or something else.

Now, be honest. How long have you been sitting on this idea for?

The reality is, most dreams are killed before they even have a chance to be born.

Power Your Potential has helped women take courage to launch businesses, podcasts, write their first book, and more.

Do I need to say anymore? This is what the course is about – It’s here to Ignite your Potential!!!

Sure, you don’t have any specific career goals other than you want to continuously improve yourself. So, you’re wondering whether this course is for you.

If you want to improve yourself in any form, then yes!

Maybe you struggle with overthinking. Self-doubt. Imposter Syndrome. Anxious thoughts. Over-planning. Negative thinking. You can’t seem to stick to new habits. You You are disappointed and lack trust in yourself.

I get that this is frustrating, because no doubt you’ve tried hard for a long time to work on this, and now you’re lost with what else to do.

How Power Your Potential will help – You will learn how to go to the core of how your mind works so you can re-program your unconscious patterns. This will lead to instant shifts in the way that you think and feel, and will always be reflected in your external results in your life. Winning!


Power Your Potential is not for you if…

  1. You’re only interested in achieving success for yourself, and don’t care about leaving a positive impact on this world
  2. You’re looking for a surface-level, quick fix without any effort. I will give you everything you need, but your results are only ever up to you and the work you put in. 
  3. You aren’t willing to be open-minded, be accountable or make connections with the group as a team player. This is a small group coaching course, not every woman for themself.


What can you expect FROM THE EXPERIENCE?


It’s never a good time, but also, ALWAYS the right time to work on yourself. It’s never a good time because you’ll always be too busy, too poor, too ‘lost’ etc to get started. But because of that, it’s always the right time: The earlier you get started, the earlier you’ll actually get out of this situation. If nothing changes, nothing changes.

Also, please know that the prospect of change will always scare the ego, so it will scream loudest with excuses when it knows that (even positive) change is near

Power Your Potential is the first step, so you can learn the fundamentals and step up to a higher level in their life. Life of Legacy (10 weeks of online coaching + 3-day in-person SUMMIT) is only available for those who have done Power Your Potential first.

Power Your Potential is about knowledge acquisition, but will also have coaching aspects that will include each person. The courses are very intimate, capped at 8 people.

All the calls will be recorded, and will be available for you to watch for 2 weeks after the course.

If you finish Power Your Potential and you’re completely dissatisfied, then you can have your investment back, no questions asked. However, this has NEVER happened before.

The only things that you won’t get that you might want, is me telling you what you want to hear and keeping you in your comfort zone 😉

Yes – Simply email me at trang@alignedperformance.com.au and I can organise that for you.



February, 2023



Use coupon code "EOYPYP40" at checkout

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