Life Of Legacy Retreat Recap!

Life of Legacy Retreat, October 2023 💫✨🌟

A magical four days. The best retreat I’ve ever run. By far.

The healing. The growth. The transformations. The results. The connections formed. The joy. The laughter.

And the true embodiment of leadership and resilience

Skydiving got postponed and then cancelled a total of three times due to weather. So we never got to go

Someone’s tooth got chipped

It rained every day

We did some damn uncomfortable exercises

Yet… The women rallied. They showed up with grace

It was honestly so inspiring for me to witness

They all ticked off the achievements they had set to complete by the end of the fourth day

And someone’s own words…

“I’ve done many development courses before, but this has undoubtedly been the best one” 😭

A special thank you to @sophiejoyhayes who facilitated a powerful somatic breathwork session and photoshoot on day 3 😮‍💨

For now, here’s a fraction of what went down from the lens of my phone (hehe)


Keep an eye out for my upcoming podcast episode where I’ll share the biggest takeaways from the retreat. Coming on Sunday!

Till then, keep shining 🙂

~ Trang Nova xo