How I still grew my business by 20% while travelling abroad

In just 3 weeks, I’m heading off again for my next 2-3 month trip (Who knows how long it’ll be, I’ve only got a one-way ticket so far hahaha)! I’m excited to start in the Maldives, before dropping by Bali, then doing a tour around Europe ๐Ÿ™‚

It blows my mind that this is my second year of traveling for up to half of the year.

Last year, I had an adult gap year for the first time, and even while navigating heavy emotions after separating from a 10-year relationship, I still grew my business by 20% from the year before!

How did I do it!?

1. The reality was I’d already been in business for almost 8 years

Because I’d had time to build up my business foundations, routines, systems, experience, skills, brand, client loyalty, and recurring revenue, I could step back from the business while it still worked and grew for itself!

2. I worked ON the business, not just IN the business

This is a common mistake a lot of people make when transitioning from being employed into business: They treat their business like a full-time job, constantly trading their time for money. Instead, I spent time working on things that would innovate and streamline how the business was being run!

3. Embraced my authenticity

This is not likely what you would expect, but over the last 24 months, as I started to show more vulnerability, my silly side, my adventurous personality and make uncomfortable decisions that would honour myself like separating from a 10-year relationship and traveling indefinitely, I would (not-surprisingly) attract more aligned clients who were inspired by my truth!

For the final two things I did to grow my business by 20% while travelling and working less than previous years, listen to this week’s new podcast episode on the Trang Nova Podcast! In the episode, explain these pointers in more detail and paint the reality of what last year really looked like for me!



Would love to hear which one resonates with you the most! Hit reply and let me know ๐Ÿ™‚

Trang xo