From Exhausted Pharmacist to Thriving Musician!

12 months ago, client Shara was a Pharmacist stuck in a monotonous cycle of work, sleep, and repeat. She dreamt of becoming a musician who could express creativity and share her art with the world, but couldn’t see a way out of her current life situation.

Now, Shara is realising her music dreams and has released her first couple of singles, performing in front of crowds bigger than ever before, and most importantly, living each day with a revitalised love for herself and life itself

Check out her first single!!


Ever since I first posted about client Shara’s story, I’ve had a multitude of requests for her to come onto the podcast!

And this week, I am delighted to finally share her voice and story in a beautiful podcast conversation…

We talk about:

  1. Shara’s story going from Pharmacist to Musician
  2. What it was like feeling stuck in her day to day
  3. The difference between having a dream versus daydreaming
  4. What was really holding Shara back
  5. How Shara was able to develop confidence and self-worth
  6. Weekly practices for self-reflection

To listen to the full episode, listen below:


Let me know what you think – I’d love to hear! 🙂

~ With love, Trang Nova